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Randlords, Johannesburg, South Africa
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- Rikay 
- Jay Roberts
- Ebb & Mayo 
- Dj Ali
- Jason Baudinet

VENUE - Randlords - South Point Towers , 41 De Korte St , Johannesburg

Fashion, style, persona, music. You choose your reason to ACCESS the newest & grooviest craving event that takes first flight this August...

RANDLORDS - The Rooftop of Dreams 🌹

In a truly unique generation, where fashion, music & Style has been able to express an image & way of speaking to others so passionately without saying a word. The way you move, the way you talk, is so deep, yet so destructive. We’re all about that picture perfect moment, star lit, that one song, our hands in the air...

ACCESS a world of Dreams 🌏


ALGORYTHM - a process of strong, regular repeated patterns of movement or sound in Music ♩

CREATIVE - involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something unique 💮

CHARISMA - compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others ✖

ECCENTRIC - Off-center or just a little crazy. Your vibe attracts your tribe, be yourself but be different in your own way 🌠

STYLISH - Current in style, dress, manner. Clothing & image speaks for itself, your style creates a Euphoria behind you, out shining you from the rest ⚫

SOULFUL - Expressing or appearing to express deep and often sorrowful feelings for music. That one beat & groove can change a life. Music touches the soul ♫


Be apart of the movement, new and musically orientated scene that we've created for you : YOUR ACESS IS GRANTED 🔓

4th August 2018
Venue - Randlords Rooftop.
Door Entry - 9pm
Dress Code - 


Presented & Sponsored by:



R.O.A.R - Randlords supports responsible drinking T's & C's apply

Doors open 9pm -4am
Dress Code: Smart Casual



South Point Towers, 41 De Korte st
South Africa